Come to the Cloud: Using online social media tools to achieve professional NZEB upskilling in an EU-wide distance learning mass market

Wednesday, 17 May 2017; 01:00 – 02:00 pm CEST Time

This is the fifth of a series of webinars for FREE that MEnS project is going to deliver for its e-learning platform.

The webinar will introduce the NZEB retrofit context and explain the importance of modular online learning as a means of reaching busy building design professionals who are challenged to understand the NZEB performance standard for new and existing residential and non-residential buildings. The webinar will outline the structure and content of the DIT  Professional Energy Skills in NZEB module and how this uses synchronistic and asynchronistic modes to provide a learning structure which maximises flexibility in a student-centred education model. The webinar will demonstrate the use of a range of online learning and social media tools including Google+, Google Sites, Google Hangouts, Google Forms, Google Sheets and Blackboard Collaborate all of which were used in the delivery of the DIT MEnS 10 ECTS postgraduate NZEB module.

Q&A will follow the end of the presentations.

Participation is open to all stakeholders and professionals working in the building sector.

REGISTER NOW. Registration is open and for free. To register please go to Submit your Application that is presented below. 

Registration will close on the 16th of May 2017, 12:30 CEST time

An email will be sent to each participant to the address used in the registration, with the instruction to join the webinar via Webex.

Please note: the email will be sent only few hours before the webinar.


Cormac Allen is a Registered Architect, Assistant Head of School and Programme Chair of the MSc in Energy Retrofit Technology at the Dublin School of Architecture, Dublin Institute of Technology. He is the manager for the Meeting of Energy professional Skills (MEnS) project at DIT and has overseen the development and integration of cloud-based online learning technologies in the MenS Professional Energy Skills in NZEB module and in a new distance blended learning DIT MSc in Building Performance (Energy Efficiency in Design) programme. 

Simon McGuinness is a Registered Architect and lecturer specialising in Zero Energy Buildings, Retrofit, Thermal Modelling and Sustainability at the Dublin School of Architecture, Dublin Institute of Technology. He is the module leader for the DIT MEnS Professional Energy Skills in NZEB education and training course and has developed a pedagogical model for online learning as part of an MSc in Applied e-Learning at DIT. Simon is the pedagogical leader within a team of six lecturers who deliver a range of online NZEB modules using Google Apps.

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