How the MEnS Upskilled Building Professional meets the European Commission's 30kWh/m2a NZEB dwelling challenge

Wednesday, 19 July 2017, 01:30 -02:30 pm CEST Time

This is the Seventh of a series of webinars for FREE that MEnS project is going to deliver for its e-learning platform.

The presentation will summarise the results of a 4-month investigation into the newly published Commission Recommendation defining nearly zero energy buildings: EU/2016/1318. This Recommendation is aimed at setting a single level of ambition for NZEB across Europe. To date, no member state has transposed such a high level of ambition into national regulation.

This is the first recorded application of this new NZEB standard to live residential projects in the academic literature.  It was implemented in an project-based academic module wherein 18 students, all MEnS graduates, were asked to apply the Commission's Recommendation to an existing building project that they were working on in their professional practice.

The research confirms that the Commission's ambition is achievable using the existing national calculation methodology but results in some anomalies that will need to be addressed in updates of national regulation and, possibly, EU calculation methodologies. 

Specific implications were uncovered relating to a) cost optimality assessment, b) primary energy factors, c) retrofit of existing houses and d) thermal bridging. Each of these will be explained by a team of upskilled practitioners representing the disciplines of engineer, building surveyor, architect and technologist - each bringing a discipline-specific sensitivity to bear on their individual projects.

This practice-based research will have widespread application in Europe after 2020 and will be of interest to all professional disciplines within the construction industry. The recorded webinar and research posters will also be made available on the MEnS website for future reference.

Q&A will follow the end of the presentations.

All stakeholders or professionals working in the building sector are invited to participate. Architects, engineers, designers,  facilities managers, building managers, energy managers, surveyors and any other professional involved with buildings design, construction and/or operation in Housing Associations, construction materials manufacturers, building services providers, smart homes and energy monitoring systems, building energy modelling technologies.

REGISTER NOW. Registration is open and for free. To register please go to Submit your Application that is presented below. 

Registration will close on the 18th of July 2017, 12:30 CEST time.

An email will be sent to each participant to the address used in the registration, with the instruction to join the webinar via Webex.

Please note: the email will be sent only few hours before the webinar.


Simon McGuinness is a Registered Architect and lecturer specialising in Zero Energy Buildings, Retrofit, Thermal Modelling and Sustainability at the Dublin School of Architecture, Dublin Institute of Technology. He is the module leader for the DIT MEnS Professional Energy Skills in NZEB education and training course and has developed a pedagogical model for online learning as part of an MSc in Applied e-Learning at DIT. Simon is the pedagogical leader within a team of six lecturers who deliver a range of online NZEB modules using Google Apps.

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