MEnS Advisory Board outcomes: have your say on future MEnS training activities!

Please share your comments and inputs on how we can improve MEnS training activities.

This could help us shaping the next editions of the Training courses, Front Meeting of Skills and webinars.

MEnS - Meeting of Energy Professional Skills, is a H2020 EU funded project conceived in order to provide and enhance the nZEB skills of building managers, such as engineers and architects, through a series of accredited training activities developed by 9 universities and 3 market players.

The following slides summarise the outcomes of the very fruitful discussion we had during the 1st MEnS Advisory Board Meeting, in Oct 2015.

The outcomes have been re-elaborated and critically organised in order to provide inputs for future activities, for the benefit of all projects partners and the entire professional community.

They reflect only some of the many possible opportunities currently available and are meant to be the starting point for future discussions.


Do you work in the building sector? Are you interested in retrofit projects and nearly Zero Energy Buildings?

Do you have any suggestion about key topics, excellent initiatives, new learning tools that could be beneficial for buildings managers, architects and engineers?

We would love to have your comments and inputs!!!

We will carefully consider all suggestions and try to embed them in the future editions of MEnS training activities in 10 EU countries.

This is also an opportunity for you to influence and comment on what we could offer in the upcoming training initiatives, webinars, Front Meeting of Skills. If you interested in taking part, please do get in touch to know what's the next course you can take part in!

Additional documents to download:
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What Others Say:

    Hi, I am Valeria from the KTN and I am part of the group who is working in this great EU project! We have a set of innovative free to attend training activities dedicated to building sector professionals going on in 10 different countries. MEnS, Meeting of Energy Professional Skills, can be a great opportunity for you to refresh your knowledge and learn about the most recent tools and methodologies to realise retrofit projects that aims at nearly zero energy standards. And there is more than that! You also have the chance to comment on the presentation (if you have few mins to download and read the file) and tell us what you think we should include to further improve MEnS training activities. We would love to hear from you! Use this platform to comment or contact us via email!