BEHAVE 2016 - 8-9th September, Coimbra - Portugal

4th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency

The 4th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency - BEHAVE 2016 aims to bring researchers and practitioners involved in end-use energy efficiency to share recent research, new technological developments and best practices on understanding and influencing behaviour related to energy efficiency.

Contributions are invited addressing the following themes and topics related with energy efficiency and behaviours:

  • promoting sustainable energy behaviours: instruments, interventions and evaluation of behaviour change;
  • adoption and use of low carbon technologies;
  • behavioural potential to facilitate the smart grid;
  • end-use energy efficiency in buildings and organisations;
  • behaviour in transport and mobility;
  • behaviour integration into energy modelling;
  • multidisciplinary approaches to energy behaviours;
  • energy policies for promoting behaviour change.

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