Main learnings from the DIT NZEB Update Conference 2017

Upskilled MEnS Graduates have undertaken an investigation into the application of the EU NZEB energy performance standard to 13 live new-building projects as part of their Postgraduate Certificate studies at the Dublin Institute of Technology. There were four main, and two minor, learning points uncovered in these 13 new building designs:


Main Points of Learning

Irish Government guidance on NZEB is inadequate: the target energy and carbon performance of NZEB buildings will have to be significantly better than current, or projected, building regulations in Ireland.

The Primary Energy factors being applied in Ireland, and their variatability over time, undermines investment in NZEB technologies and unduely biases the selection of fuel type.

Linear thermal bridge calculation is invaluable in closing the preformance gap between projected and actual energy efficiency.

Educators will have to adopt online delivery methods to reach busy building professionals and enable them to upskill in NZEB.


Supplememntary learning

Triple glazing will dominate for NZEB compliant buildings in Ireland in the future.

Electricity will be the main fuel type in future NZEB buildings in Ireland.



Click on the first link below for a 30minute YouTube video presentation of the findings of the study.  

If you would like more details of the DIT postgraduate upskilling in NZEB on offer at DIT to Architects, Engineers, Building Surveyors and Architectural Technologists click on the second link below:



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