D1.8_CO2 Clock

One objective pursued by the MEnS project is to act as a model in terms of minimum production of CO2, through the optimization of project management. Therefore within the management a task has been foreseen, which is the delivering of a CO2 Clock related to the project emissions.

The CO2 Clock takes into account the following aspects:
 Travelling CO2 production for Project Meetings (PM) and Front Meeting activities
 Paper consumption during PM and FS
 Optimisation of transport use during PM and front activities (i.e cumulative public transport, bikes and so on)
 Utilisation of ICT tools in order to avoid an over amount of travelling. Comparison of CO2 production when using ICT tools and when not.

Moreover a small clock tool has been created by the coordinator in order to check the CO2 consumption of consortium partners. This tool is released as an xls file, which monitors the main partners actions and tasks when delivering the project, and that they will update during the whole project life.

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