The idea behind MEnS – Meeting of Energy professional Skills originates from the need to provide answers/solutions to current problems faced by societies. Our proposal therefore was constructed in a way such as to answer the specific challenges in the field of skills upgrading for the professionals involved in the construction industry

What MEnS proposes to do is encapsulated in following points briefly:

  • Design and implement suitable level educational and training programs for building professionals in 11 EU countries representing different EU areas, ensuring that certain percentage of the participants are women and unemployed professionals.
  • Provide accreditation and recognition for these programs using the ECTS system that enables the recognition of proved qualifications throughout Europe.
  • Research about the market and industry needs for NZEB solutions, so that to direct the specific contents of the programs accordingly.
  • Utilize modern and innovative ICT tools in the MEnS E-Learning platform, which would enhance the learning process, enable interaction between professionals in Europe and act as a true innovation park towards NZEB built on top of the BUILD-UP portal.
  • Design and implement a series of short international educational & training programs, using a truly integrated approach that will let participants learn in a natural way using real case studies of buildings and at the same time promote their work and qualifications to possible employers.
  • MEnS partners comprise six Universities with their engineering faculties, able to cover every possible aspect of NZEB issues from engineering to management and leadership, one research center for sustainable energy, two faculties of architecture, three market players and one media actor.
  • The project was officially launched on the 29th March 2015 during a kick-off meeting held in Rome, Italy.